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Bleeding Heart Langtree

Dicentra formosa

Shady chic. Soft, fern like foliage. The leaves are a mix of green and silver, heavily dissected and around 30cm long. Spring to summer, straight stems rise up, topped with clusters of pendant bells. The creamy white blooms have a delicate touch of pink at the petal base. Good for use as in shade as a ground cover. It is a woodland perennial so thrives in those conditions - humus rich, moist well drained soil and dappled light for best results. Though they are fairly adaptable, they need afternoon shade at the very least. Spreads to form a generous clump.

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Flowering Time: Spring to Summer
Climate: Cool to Temperate
Aspect: Semi Shade to Full Shade
Height: 30cm
Width: 45cm
Frost hardiness: Fully Hardy
Product code: DCFLT